Proven LocalDriveway IdeasDriveway Features

Driveway Features

Proven LocalDriveway IdeasDriveway Features

View a list of the driveway features that you can have installed along with your driveway. Some features are purely decorative, such as patterns and laying styles whilst others such as drainage and recessed covers perform an important function.

How Tarmac Is Laid On A Driveway

Tarmac driveways are one of the oldest and most certainly one of the most common types of driveway surfacing choices … Read more

Step Designs For A Driveway

Various Styles of Steps for Your Driveway or Patio

One of the most common things that we are asked about is what different type of steps can that can … Read more

Types Of Driveway Edging

Driveway edging or driveway kerbing in Surrey provides a tasteful way of boxing off or containing your driveway. It provides … Read more

Recessed Manhole Covers for Surrey

Replacing Manhole Covers

There is nothing worse than a beautiful new paved driveway and in the middle of it, a big steel lidded … Read more

Drainage For Your Driveway

An overlooked feature for driveways that are an actual requirement especially with SUDS regulations is drainage. The most common type … Read more

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