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Drainage For Your Driveway

An overlooked feature for driveways that are an actual requirement especially with SUDS regulations is drainage. The most common type of drainage we use in Surrey are Aco channel drains. They lock together and can be ran in a line to catch surface water.

The benefit to Aco channel drains is that the lid can be taken off and the inside cleaned off which generally fills up with sludge, old leaves and much after a year or 2. The lids are available in either plastic or steel lids. The drains are either made of plastic or prefab cast.

We use small gulley traps for areas that will have a funnel of water directed at it and it will be catching all the water in that one spot. For example, an outside tap or similar. Learn about how we lay new driveways with block paving along with drainage here.

Here is a look at the different types of drainage we use on driveways and patios.

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