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Replacing Manhole Covers

There is nothing worse than a beautiful new paved driveway and in the middle of it, a big steel lidded manhole cover. It stands out like a sore thumb and for a very affordable price, it can replaced with a recessed inspection chamber instead.

They are often called inverted covers as well since they allow the surface to sit in it at a flush level to the rest of the driveway. A properly installed inspection chamber is nearly seamless on a driveway yet still allows easy access if you have to lift it up.

Recessed manhole covers / inspection chambers can be used on block paved driveways, asphalt driveways, patio slabbing, concrete and even gravel driveways. They blend in seamless with its surrounding and are just as durable as manhole covers.

Here are some examples of recessed inspection chambers which we always install when we are laying down new surfaces.

Make sure to go visit our drainage choices to learn how we deal with water on a driveway such as the types of drainage for your driveway.

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