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Various Styles of Steps for Your Driveway or Patio

One of the most common things that we are asked about is what different type of steps can that can be built and what are the different options available.

Here’s a list of various types of materials that can be used to build steps at your home on your driveway or your patio area.

  • Concrete steps
  • Block paved steps
  • Brick steps
  • Flagstone steps
  • Natural stone
  • Wooden sleeper steps

Using any of the listed products above we are able to create custom and bespoke steps in a variety of shapes. You can choose from a circular step, square step, semi-moon shaped step, rectangle step and elongated steps.

Our Proven contractors might recommend one style of step over another especially on driveways if they feel it will benefit you over the long term. You can read more about their block paving installations on driveways here.

You have the option of choosing how many steps for example you can choose to split a large step to smaller steps. They generally use whatever material was used on the driveway or patio to back-fill the step.

For example, if you chose an Indian sandstone patio, they will back fill the step using Indian sandstone capping on top of the step.

For a block paved patio or driveway, they would use standard block paving with a block paving curb to retain it. Block paving curbs are available in multiple styles, colours and finishes. You can read more about kerbing here.

They can use a different type of block paving pattern inside the step to make it stand out or they can use a matching pattern to blend in your step with block paving. You can read about block paving patterns here.

If it is a larger step that it will require elevated heights, they will recommend building the framework of the step using bricks. It is the only durable solution especially when looking to retain a larger step frame.

If they are building a new step using Indian sandstone or another type of slabbing on top of the step, we will always make sure to leave a lip protruding over the edge. Along with a slight level to ensure water drains off of the step. The reason the lip should protrude is to ensure that water does not run down the face of the step.

Here are some examples of the various types of step installations that are available on a driveway or patio area. To see more examples, you can connect with one of our Proven Local experts to see their portfolio.

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